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Special objects from Dutch designers. As gift or just for yourself. from unique pieces to affordable luxury items. A lot of Dutch Design. From designers Lammers en Lammers, Lenneke Wispelwey, Elke van den Berg, Jurianne Matter, Storytiles, Ontwerpduo, Pepe Heykoop, Maartje van den Noort and many others.;
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A selection out of our collection:

Bottle Vase #3 Pink
Foekje Fleur
€ 59,00
Light Sun
€ 13,95
Artwork SPRING
Marieke Peters
€ 35,00
Bottle Vase M17
Klaas Kuiken
€ 98,00
Oval dish Fish&Fish
Paola Navone
€ 23,95
Daisy vase
Lenneke Wispelwey
€ 39,00
Recycle vase L
Elke van den Berg
€ 19,00
Storytiles Floating
Marga van Oers
€ 25,00

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